SMRT:Monitor™ Education

Keeping Schools SAFE

SMRT:Monitor™ Education tracks COVID-19 test results by year group, class group and individual pupil or staff member through a secure, web based portal.

Our mobile app allows results to be quickly and easily uploaded to our system and monitored.

Available as a
web-based tool and as mobile
app for iOS and Android system

SMRT:Monitor™ Education
SMRT:Monitor™ Education

The Government has announced plans to introduce mass Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing in schools from the first week in January.

This presents a number of challenges to overcome:

  • How will a school obtain, record and track consent from parents, carers or social workers?
  • If consent is not given how do you ensure pupils are not tested?
  • How can a school coordinate the schedule of testing to ensure efficient use of any supervisor’s allocated time, whilst maintaining procedures around social distancing?
  • Will schools have the tools in place, or the resource to monitor testing compliance?
  • How will a school monitor and report the outcome of tests?
  • How will a school monitor and manage positive tests and what impact will positive tests have on further testing requirements?
  • How does a school effectively communicate with parents or carers regarding pupils test outcome and advise on the need to isolate?
  • Inevitably there will be failed tests that need to be performed again, or missed appointments resulting in the need for retests, how will these be coordinated?
  • What will be the added resource and cost of administering the tests?

COVID safe processes are likely to be required for the longer term.

SMRT:Monitor™ Education provides a secure web based portal for schools , and a simple to operate mobile app that keeps pupils, parents and staff informed of test plans and outcomes.

The portal can provide test data for an individual, class, year group or whole school in real-time.

The web portal will allow staff to efficiently plan testing times for individuals or classes based on availability of resource

The app will send automated reminders to pupils and staff

The portal will automatically track missed or failed tests

The web portal will notify designated employees within the organisation if an employee tests positive immediately on receipt of the positive submission.

Leaders can determine who can access which parts of their portal, meaning that sensitive information is only seen by those permitted.

The portal will automatically keep track of testing stock, meaning that you can re-order test kits in sufficient time.

COVID safe processes are likely to be required for the longer term.


SMRT:Monitor™ Education

Real time data on school, year group, class, or pupil COVID safety

SMRT:Monitor™ Education

Supports safe management and testing for the hidden 80% asymptomatic or minor symptoms risk

SMRT:Monitor™ Education

Provides instant alerts on Positive tests to designated staff member and parents

SMRT:Monitor™ Education

Gives your pupils and staff confidence that you are a COVID safe school

SMRT:Monitor™ Education

Provides full data and reporting to support your decisions

SMRT:Monitor™ Education
Single Schools

Single Schools


per user / per Week

  • Register all staff, contractors and pupils
  • Subscription model charged weekly based on the previous weeks registered users
  • Cancel at anytime and only be charged for the previous week

Multi Academy Companies (MACs)

Multi Academy Companies (MACs)

1000+ users

  • Bespoke solutions available for school groups with 1000+ users.


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