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SMRT:Testing™ offers businesses across a wide range of sectors the chance to return to the workplace whilst maintaining COVID-Safety.  SMRT:Testing™can work for businesses looking to test staff on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.  

Our partners COVID-19 rapid test identifies antigens present in a swab sample and gives a qualitative yes/no result within 15 minutes.

The test is perfect for screening quickly at the patient side for the presence of COVID-19. The test can be used as a companion to the antibody test to increase the window of detection.

Our partners tests have a sensitivity of 95%, Specificity of 100%, and Overall Accuracy of 98.6%. Our partners tests have also been certified by Public Health England (PHE) as one of five manufactures Antigen tests able to detect the new variant of COVID-19.

Implementing rapid screening for COVID-19 has huge time and cost savings when compared to, or integrated into, laboratory screening, and will help to control the spread of the virus by identifying active infection rapidly and accurately.

A swab is used to sample from either the nose or throat (nasopharyngeal or oropharyngeal sample) and introduced into the test cassette by suspension in a buffer solution.

Benefits Of Our Partners COVID-19 Antigen test cassette:

  • Fast turnaround time with results within 15 minutes 
  • Facilitates regular and scaled up testing options 
  • Cost effective solution
  • Screen anywhere
  • Ideal as a triage and screening tool 
  • Easy to use

Receive the
results within
15 minutes.

SMRT:Testing™ will supply a minimum of 25 Rapid Flow tests to clients along with 25 user accounts for the SMRT:Monitor™ App and web-based portal.

Each client will need to nominate first aid trained employees to become test supervisors. Smrtlinks™ will supply the training required for a test supervisor through the SMRT:Monitor™ app via a short Video. We estimate a single supervisor could supervise 5 tests per 15 minute slot.

The Process:

  1. A client purchases SMRT:Testing™ through the Smrtlinks™ website.
  2. The client proceeds to set up their company on the SMRT:Monitor™ Web based portal and add users/employees to their account.
  3. Employees register and then download the SMRT:Monitor™ App from either the app store or Google play
  4. Designated employees set up as test supervisors will watch the training video through the SMRT:Monitor™ App and can then proceed to select the available times they can supervise workforce testing
  5. Employees can then book a testing time slot through the app each week/fortnight/month dependent on the companies chosen time frames
  6. When an employee attends their booking, the test supervisor will scan the barcode on the test supplied by Smrtlinks using the scanner on the App, scan the QR code presented on the employees mobile device and then proceed to log the entry.
  7. After the 15 minute period, the test supervisor will then take a photo of the results, and then associate the test result to the employees account, thus providing employers a complete audit trail and visibility of their workforce on the web portal and is also updated in real time to the app
  8. Should an employee test result return positive, a notification can be sent to key employees of the company to inform them of the results;
  9. The most recent results will then populate the users health badge on the app which could then be used as a visual tool to demonstrate COVID safety when interacting with clients.

(How an employer chooses to use these tests are at their own discretion, for example an employer with 25 employees ordering 100 tests, could choose to have their employees tested on a weekly basis for that month.)

Receive the
results within
15 minutes.

Rapid/Lateral Flow

Rapid/Lateral Flow

£10 (+VAT)

per Test 


Tests are sold in kits of 25, along with 25 user accounts for the SMRT:Monitor™ App. (Min. order = 25 Tests)

Enterprise Solution

Enterprise Solution

£15 (+VAT)

500+ Employees in your company?

For companies with over 500 employees in a single location, we provide the test supervisors to conduct your workforce testing, providing you with a fully managed solution.



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